Kids These Days


I grew up in the 90’s.

Born towards the end of the 80’s, the first President I remember is George H.W. Bush. I rode my bike around my neighborhood, with a portable radio branded with oil company my dad, at the time, worked for. It had a nylon wrist-strap, which I used to hang the radio from the pink handlebars on my hand-me-down bike. I listened to the radio, while biking around the suburbs. I remember thinking nothing would ever be better.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Because talk about peaking early.

One of the many songs that was popular was “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey from her Music Box album. I would easily go to bat and say that is still one of my favorites. Not even sorry about it everyone.

It’s probably not surprising that I am very sentimental. I mean, look at this blog I’m writing, for Pete’s sake. I’m sentimental and was (am?) obsessed with the commercial love I heard in pop songs.

Commercial love is sweet, but it’s not real. It’s like that line from Sleepless in Seattle: “You don’t want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie.” That basically frames my entire music collection. Who wouldn’t want to be in love in a pop song?! . . . Well, there are some questionable pop songs. But overall, you get the picture.

Not even 10, much less into my teen years, I was in love with being in love in a pop song.

I wanted to hustle through my childhood. The youngest of three kids, I spent most of my childhood wishing I was older and cool enough to be play with my siblings.

Mariah Carey fit the bill perfectly for my desire of being a much older, cooler, woman who was totally in love. What was it like to be an adult? Obviously, I knew everything about it, because Mariah told me what it was like.


I still struggle with speeding through life. The excitement for what comes next will always appeal to me. Now, I’m actively trying to enjoy moments. . . Being quiet in the moment, enjoying the company of friends, taking in new views – just savoring the everyday.

But, to be clear: savoring the everyday does include overly sentimental listenings to Mariah Carey and failing hilariously to hit her top notes.


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